The Chintels Pre-School

  • A Place Where Children Love To Speak & Listen

    A four year old child on an average asks 60 questions a day ( and they do ask more than it) In the Chintels School the child speaks his heart out and asks many questions along with that at an early age he also listens to the little instruction given to him and follows it with delight. A child gets through with such elating learning process that his curiosity to question and finding answers to it through listening gets boosted up and he enjoys to speak and listen.

  • A Place Where Children Love To Discover & Create

    Discovery, creativity and curiosity determine the elevation of a child in his further years. Basically this macrocosmic character leads the world to newer and marvelous conclusions. The Chintels School instills this curiosity factor in its pre schooler so that the child is ensured with a bright vision.

  • A Place Where Children Love To Comprehend & Implement

    Activities like puzzles and comfortable brain shatters encircle the major activity engaging time of a child in the School. The motto of the School through these is to initiate high reasoning and differentiating ability at an early age.

  • A Place Where Children Love To Play On Computers & Toys

    All possible technological facilities are availed at the School as per the steep urban rising demand of the era. A child here finds himself in touch with both delights – toys and computers.

  • A Place Where Children Love To Care & Share

    Profound adorability with the fact that sharing is caring and trust forms the base of progress, children here are taught with values that promote love and brotherhood. Thus the school not only ensured intellectual but also the moral development of a child.

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