• Our Preschool Curriculum

    Choosing a curriculum is never an easy task. The one that a teacher decides to follow depends on the students, their personalities and interests, the teacher, the teaching style of the teacher, the needs of the students and the teacher, to name a few important factors. What makes the choice even more difficult is the number of curricula available to choose from. Some follow international standards, some follow national standards, and still others follow state standards. Some focus on the subject matter only, while others include lots of activities and/or extra-curricular material to capture and retain the student’s interest. When it comes to education, having choices is never a bad thing. The many options available make it possible for parents to choose the one that is best for them and their children.

    At The Chintels Preschool, we understand how important the early years are to both you and your child. This is a time of remarkable growth, when children are experiencing rapid development, learning new skills, and progressing steadily towards physical, intellectual, and social-emotional milestones.

    With that in mind, our curriculum provides intentional guidance and rich experiences that build upon individual strengths and talents. With our child development professionals at their sides, children at The Chintels are assured of getting the care that they need, the creative learning experiences they enjoy, and the intellectually challenging opportunities they deserve.

Philosophy and Goals

Our curriculum is founded on five key principles and beliefs, which are grounded in theories and research in early childhood education and development.

  1. We believe that every child is an individual who has the right to expect commitment, love and respect. Each child regardless of social status, race, religion, or national origin, should be given the opportunity to thrive in a supportive and responsive multicultural environment that will foster his or her holistic development.
  2. We believe that every child is a competent and capable person, with innate abilities, unique talent, gifts and unlimited possibilities for change and growth that must be nurtured, encouraged, and developed to his or her fullest potential.
  3. We believe that early childhood education should foster holistic development, to serve as the foundation for intellectual growth and development.
  4. We believe that early childhood education should nurture life skills, and promote independent, life-long learners who have the positive dispositions, attitudes and feelings towards learning.
  5. We recognize and support the critical role parents play in the lives of their children by promoting meaningful and collaborative home-centre partnership.

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