• Why Pre-School?

    Pre-school acts as a potter to the argil. Researches have shown that how early childhood learning is embodied in the child’s mind can change its architecture. Early lessons definitely leave lasting impressions and visionaries do begin at the a ge of two. 80 per cent of a child’s brain develops during the age of 2-5 years. These pre-school years give a foundation to the future learning. In some countries of the world in pre-school it is judged that where or which field a child is most interested in and then the child is trained in that specific field as well. Lessons of life- like sharing and caring are taught at a very early age so that the child when grows up continues to share his things. Right from holding the grip of a pencil to scribbling with a crayon, drawing the first standing and the sleeping line to the first fancy dress competition, listening to fairy tales and mythological tale, every little bit is embibed in a child’s brain which keeps on developing and as we know that the tallest building has strongest foundation.

    "I am a little star, shining bright. Growing bigger every night When I finish pre-school, I will shout I am a STAR; So you just watch out."

    This is what our each child becomes when he graduates to the primary section a star. And we try our level best that the gleam of this star continues to shine not only during his school but throughout his life. Each child w ho comes through the Chintels pre- school door joins a community of children, families and teachers engaged in the joy, work and wonder of childhood. If a child enrolls in pre-school the bond of proximity is knit right from the early years not only with the child but also a strong association is built between the school and the guardians and vice-versa. This results in better grooming of the child in all spheres.

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